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Intelligent YOU with Smart Bots

Three years back, I was working on digital virtual personal assistance (VPA) Project “LISA”. Which is currently build as “CoBot” by one of global largest service integrator of the world.

Today industry started taking baby steps on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to grow as big monster soon. How this is going to impact the executive to become smarter and intelligence is a key ask. SIRI, ALEXA and CROTONA are ingenious. The future smart bots will become your personal productive and data driven Imminent.

Tomorrow’s executives will be engaged with digital workplace data analytics and inference to be wired to design the productive executive version of themselves. These smart bots will shape how the work will be done. Today ALEXA and SIRI is performing tasks; the smart bots will help to determine these task. Smart bots will be self-aware and start recommending like movie to watch or a book to read and how to reduce your stress.

Smart bots will provide you actionable and data driven analytics to recommend on what to say, to whom and when. Which will make you intellect to be better in your communication, collaboration and leadership. Smart Bots will digitally empowers the executive talent, skills and attribute, while monitoring and minimizing the weakness. Simply identify, manage and measure the executive best abilities and build on the productive skills.

Let’s drive an example

Smart bots will analyze your slack, chat, email and txt messages and recommends the executive’s tone and textual change in sentence framing for particular ask. Recommendation like suggested greetings and convert the sentences to cushioned and soft in nature. Suggested statements will be empathic in

nature for better communication to connect with people.

Similar way smart bots can help experience designer to come out with a best of the energetic design. More data driven smart bots can help the project manager to command and control the projects. Building the network analytics to propose the project milestone and draft project milestone & meetings well in advance, so desired results are achieved.

Augmented Introspection.

The data rich enterprise AI is a lower phase of “Artificial Intelligence”, it all about the augmented introspection. These smart bot will help works to develop and deploy the optimal traits and expect qualitative resolutions. Analytics will be the mirror and lens to refocus on executive professional effectiveness.

With Wearable evolution.

The new trends in wearable devices and digital sensors will boost the workplace productivity. How the physical fitness, tracking steps and heart rate details are captured and analyzed with actionable inferences for the individual energy levels and moods.

Garmin, Jawbone, Fitbit and mobile apps accessing mental acuity and attention. All the wearable data will be monitored and personalize the dashboard, which helps to physically to sense and act; when people are not in the mood to concentrate. Smart bot will review you heart rate and map that stressful meetings are the reasons for highest heart rate and the person needs to be de-stressed and suggested recommendations.

If these digital servants like SIRI or Alexa gets augmented with the smart bots, then executives and employees would be empowered to deliver high performance variants of themselves. That where the executive shall be measured on how smart, creative, bold, empathic and persuasive then their typical counter parts.

We have already fixed our eye vision with wearable lenses, enhanced mood and get cognitive powers with technology catalysts. These smart bots psychology leads invasion and will have great effect on the workplace productivity.

  • Smart bots will become the mechanism, medium and the platform bring great value to and from Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the new trend in the mobile computing. The personal and interpersonal productivity will be new world of order with BYOD. Bring your own Smart Bot (BYOSB) will be the future of digital workplace productivity, since these bots know you and your workforce style better than your personal secretary.

  • The future workplace will bring new governance policies and practices to support the digital innovation to embracing the smart bots.

Smart Bot Digital Integration.

Enterprise need to cultivate the smart bot culture with integrated human workforce for professional development and productivity goals. Do perform the performance rating with smart bot as execution platforms. Organization will extend theirs data set availability with transparency, where we can train the smart bot with the chat, txt, presentation, email and social network analytics to get the recommendations from Smart Bot.

Happily lived together with “SMART BOT” forever.

*Abstract from HBR



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